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CIAP CINEMA: White Right: Meeting the Enemy

White Right: Meeting the Enemy (VS: Deeyah Khan, 2017, 55’) 
with an introduction by Leen Voet

In CIAP artist Leen Voet’s film of choice, filmmaker Deeyah Khan interviews leading figures of the Neo-Nazi and fascist movements that threaten her life. The film won this year’s Emmy in the category of current affairs.

Deeyah Khan was born in Norway, to an Afghan mother and Pakistani father. She is an outspoken human rights activist and wrote articles for The Guardian, Huffington Post and The Times. In 2011 she founded Memini, an organisation that stands up for the victims of honour killings. In 2016 she held the TED-talk ‘What We Don’t Know About Europe’s Muslim Kids and Why We Should Care’.

After a TV-interview in which Khan advocated diversity and multiculturalism, she started receiving death threats from Far Right movements. For White Right: Meeting the Enemy, she decided to interview leading figures in these movements, to try to understand the personal reasons why people embrace racist extremism.

Leen Voet will be present for an introduction.