Het Kabinet: Martin La Roche


HET KABINET gives emerging artist the opportunity to present their work at CIAP for one month. A new KABINET opens every first Thursday of the month. In July Martin La Roche will show an installation called Natural Mind.

Vernissage 02 JUL at 18u30
Expo 03 JUL - 02 AUG


Martin La Roche (°1988) studied Visual Arts at the University of Chile. in 2013 he moved to The Netherlands becoming a participant of the Jan Van Eyck Academie. He now is currently based in Amsterdam.
More info on his website.

Natural:mind is the name of a compilation of essays written by Vilem Flusser in 1979. In these texts he analyzed different objects considered naturals, and reflected on them from many points of view. This group of essays is an interesting way of thinking how culturally built is our understanding of what we call nature.

In 2013 a plaque under a tree that grew in the Botanical Garden of Lisbon had a text. It was a story about the tree and the specie in which it was catalogued. The body of the tree found a good correlation in the order of the text next to it. This living archive (the botanical garden) was successful in connecting ideas that seemed distant. In some way the story behind the living vegetative tree was giving a cultural layer to its trunk, branches and leaves.

In this occasion this simple encounter will be reenacted and unfolded in Hasselt.

The landscape and the time are different but the story uses the same words and the same images.