The reason for setting up this exhibition is the project 'de Unie' which will be realized in the summer of 2014 in the cities of Hasselt and Genk. ‘de Unie’ is an initiative of Z33 and is a unique route with contemporary art in and between the cities of Hasselt and Genk.  CIAP is a substantive partner in this project with some artistic interventions within the urban context. But CIAP is also a location for exhibitions, situated on a former industrial site in the periphery of the city of Hasselt and located on the route of the project ‘de Unie’.

Conceptthe city as a subject and an object

Within its mission as "Kunstverein", an association for contemporary art, CIAP creates a platform for the presentation of artists and for the sensitization of a broad public, by getting this public acquainted with Flemish and international artists on an innovative and participatory way. 

The announcement of the installation of the art route in the open space of Hasselt and Genk was the reason for CIAP to realize an exhibition with work of artists for whom the city plays a decisive role in their oeuvre. 

Contemporary artists treat the urban context or the urban question in very different ways. Ranging from the creation of autonomous, artistic images of the city, to querying the current socio-ecological or economic situation, to the use of the urban context as the base of an artistic, participatory process. The polarization between city as ' subject ' (passive) and the city as ' object direct ' (active) formed the basis for the choice of works of art and artists participating in the project in CIAP.

We will present - in an exhibition - images of cities through sketches, drawings, photographic work, models, sculptures, ... On the other hand, we will develop together with artists - and in interaction with the public - artistic processes in and with the urban context.

Below you can find the list of artists who are contacted for this project.

- Georg Bohle
- Sara Bomans
- Christophe Fink
- Kim Habers
- Aglaia Konrad
- Thomas Laureyssens
- Giacomo Piovan - In-Situ
- Els Vanden Meersch


The project is further enhanced with a public-oriented program, as follows:

The installation of a co-creation space at CIAP.
Places like the gelatin-site, in the periphery of the urban environment are often the breeding ground for artistic ideas. CIAP intends to play an active role in this by installing a temporary ' lab ' in which artists, designers and public can work, meet and speak with each other.

This place is a furnished space (equipped with Wi-Fi and coffee) within the exhibition space and is free to use by anyone. This space will also be the meeting point for information and debate in the context of the site-specific or collaborative projects.

A partnership with Architectuurwijzer.
For this project, CIAP allied to Architectuurwijzer vzw.  Architectuurwijzer will formulate propositions on certain spatial interesting areas, located within the territory of Hasselt-Genk. Architectuurwijzer and CIAP will launch an open call to architects and artists to react to the formulated propositions. A selection of the reactions will be further elaborated and presented in the ' kabinetruimte ' in CIAP


Lectures, debates, artist talks
Where and when possible CIAP will try to inform and actively involve its audience in the developments in contemporary art through the organization of guided tours, lectures, debates, artist talks, ... which are closely related to the theme of the project. These activities will take place in the aforementioned 'co-creation lab’