Het Kabinet / Tom Volkaert


Tom Volkaert, Always Welcome (2017). Photo by Kristof Vrancken.Tom Volkaert, Spit-Fire (2017). Photo by Kristof VranckenOverview. Photo by Kristof VranckenTom Volkaert, Cart Wheels & Accessories #2 (2017). Photo by Kristof Vrancken.Tom Volkaert, Die Biene Tommy (2017). Photo by Kristof Vrancken.Tom Volkaert, Broken in One Place (2017). Photo by Kristof VranckenTom Volkaert, Cart Wheels & Accessories (2017). Photo by Kristof Vrancken.Tom Volkaert, Broken In One Place (2017). Photo by Kristof Vrancken.

The Classic Cart Wheel features a welded chain and an eight spoke design. This wheel provides a unique individual look for any show car or cruiser. The Classic Cart Wheels are available in a wide range of bright colors and in brilliant chrome. A Holler Installation Kit is necessary to mount this wheel to a vehicle. This wheel will work with any Holler Standard 3000 or 4000 Series Installation Kits. It WILL NOT work with Holler Billet or US Installation Kits.

Tom Volkaert (°1989) lives and works in Antwerp and studied Graphical Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Volkaert combines his life as an artist with a job of art handler, the creation of his own work with the manipulation of existing works of art. This equation of activities – in the studio and in the gallery or museum – enables him to question the autonomous, sacred artwork and to develop a visual language focused on materiality.

Volkaert starts from a fascination with the sculptor’s craftsmanship and respect for his material and tools. However, he doesn’t use them in a traditional way, but he investigates the properties of his tools and pushes, sands, files and bakes until they leave their familiar surroundings. This results in amorphous forms in cement, clay and plaster, finished with metal, silicone and pigment. Supporting elements such as the pedestal, handles and suspension systems form an integral part of the sculpture. The art handler and the artist work together.

The sculptures are fragile, both during the process of creation and during the presentation, but Volkaert is not stopped by this. With titles as Broken in 3 Places or Unbroken the artist knows how to knock the artwork off its pedestal with a good dose of humour and the ability to put things into perspective.

With Cart Wheels & Accessories Volkaert continues a series of ceramic sculptures, Steering Wheels & Accessories (2016), in CIAP. The art installation refers to the social realistic paintings in this room depicting the rural life and the emerging mining industry, and combines them with contemporary elements from the advertising and entertainment industries and from the skate scene. A ceramic barrier prevents visitors from entering the largest room, which disrupts our conditioned behaviour during a visit to an exhibition.