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Artists' organisations show their social impact on Fair Saturday

On 30 November, Fair Saturday will take place, a global initiative that highlights the social impact of culture and the arts. In 2019, Belgian organisations will join this international movement.

The arts stand with two feet in society. Artists and art organisations relate to the world in which they work in everything they make. They address social themes and (literally) offer a platform to various voices to highlight them. With performances, exhibitions, concerts and meetings they bring people together and invite them to reflect together and (sometimes) to take action. And they do this themselves: they embed social engagement in their operations and support social goals.

CIAP will bring the spotlight to bear on Natuurpunt Limburg during Fair Saturday. The mission of Natuurpunt Limburg is to ensure the sustainable conservation, restoration and development of nature and wild fauna and flora in Limburg. Landscape protection, nature management, experience of nature, nature study, influencing policy, training and education on nature with and by volunteers and volunteer groups.

They do this throughout the year, season after season. And on 30 November 2019, with a lot of extra verve. Because then Fair Saturday will take place, a global initiative that offers a positive answer to Black Friday. Artists, arts organisations and cultural players from all over the world will come out to celebrate the social impact of the arts. They put charities in the spotlight and donate time, attention and money to actions with a social added value.

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