Kasper Bosmans LOOT, SOIL AND CLEANLINESS 12.03.16 - 05.06.16

2020 will be a year with many opportunities and challenges for CIAP.

At the end of December, we already exchanged our historic building in Hasselt for a new start on C-mine in Genk. On the renovated foundations of this post-industrial site, we will continue our program from 7 January. First in the Energy Buildings, then in our own building which we will transform, together with FLACC, into a home for artists. And if we say together, we mean it. In the autumn of 2020, FLACC and CIAP will merge to form a new institution with a new name and identity. 

This centre for contemporary arts is conceived by the Belgian architectural office 51n4e and the Greek office Point Supreme and is supported by the City of Genk and the Flemish Government. Construction will start in the autumn of 2020 and it is hoped to be finalised in the spring of 2023. 

We will do a lot of work in the coming period, but of course with passion and a big heart for the arts. 

Therefore, the entire CIAP team and board wish you a passionate and inspiring 2020 and hope to welcome you again soon.