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Bent u gebeten door actuele kunst? Word dan (opnieuw) lid van CIAP vzw.


photo: Eva Donckers

This year, C-mine celebrates its 10th birthday. In those years, C-mine has gained esteem as a site for artists, students, entrepreneurs, and visitors. C-mine has methodically developed an ecosystem combining artistic and design thinking, creativity,  and entrepreneurship. C-mine has managed to put itself on the map with remarkable projects such as the Labyrinth, the exhibitions such as The World of Charles & Ray Eames and The World of Tim Burton, and on-site performances such as TrapTown by Wim Vandekeybus. It became a home-base for many companies from theater, music and visual arts.

International search for a director

After 10 years, the city council and the employees of C-mine decided it was the time to set out new ambitions for the future. Therefore, C-mine went looking for a Director-Intendant with a strong artistic vision, who can set out the development trajectories for C-mine, and who will realise them together with the team. An extensive international solicitation procedure, supported by the Search & Selection agency, was launched to fill in this profile. Louise Osieka turned out to be the most suitable candidate. 

Alderwoman Anniek Nagels: “The jury has chosen the candidate with the strongest vision, with the most potential to develop C-mine's an artistic appeal at both the Flemish and international level. Young, but talented. Our search for candidates was broad and based on the principle of "the right person in the right place". In the end, we found this person in our own ranks. A talent that excels deserves every opportunity. ”

Resilience and innovation

In recent years, Louise Osieka (1990, Genk) has led CIAP, a platform for contemporary art, introducing national and international artists to Limburg and further developing the organisation into a strong player in the Flemish arts field. Osieka is also active in the field of arts policy as a member of various advisory bodies and boards of directors.

Louise Osieka: “As a young woman, I feel a great responsibility towards C-mine as a public place, located in the challenging context of Genk. I hope to transform C-mine into a resilient site with a diverse array of players, who find common ground in the 'how' and not in the 'what'. I believe that the key to a true experiment and innovation is hidden in a way the institution is managed. I am, therefore, honoured to take up this mandate, and I am really looking forward to joining the strong C-mine team. ”

In addition to the strengthening of its artistic profile, a similar exercise is conducted with regard to the future position of C-mine in the field of creative entrepreneurship.

The future of CIAP

CIAP would like to congratulate Louise Osieka on her new position as a Directeur-Intendant C-mine and thank her for five years of her directorship, marked by her strong vision, dedication and passion for art! While we will miss working together, we are very happy that she will be the person responsible for the new vision for C-mine. We wish her all the best in her new position, and we will surely continue to work together in the future.

In late January, CIAP will open a vacancy for a new director, and the results of the selection procedure will be made known in March. We are looking forward to this exciting process!

In this transition period, our main goal is to keep on working with and for our artists, members, visitors, and followers. To this end, CIAP appoints an ad-interim director who will temporarily take the lead. CIAP entrusted this responsibility to Alicja Melzacka, a curator affiliated with our organisation for over two years – first in a freelance capacity, and since April 2020, as a member of our team. She will coordinate CIAP’s winter programme, which we hope to be able to launch already in mid-January (more info below). 


CIAP wishes you a healthy and happy holiday season and hopes to welcome you in the new year!

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